Go With That Consulting, LLC

Go With That Consulting, LLC is a private mental health consulting company working to support First Responders with improving and maintaining balanced mental health 

Mission and Vision

The Mission of Go With That Consulting, LLC is to support First Responders , Service Members, Veterans, and their family with crisis intervention, peer training, and individual mental health consultation to address and mitigate the effects of prolonged exposure to trauma and stress and to support their well-being and emotional balance.

Go With That Consulting, LLC’s vision is to provide confidential, evidenced-based, time efficient mental health consultation to improve and support Responder’s quality of life on and off duty


Go With That Consulting, LLC provides a variety of services to meet individual, family, and department needs. 

Confidential, time efficient, and flexible consultation options 

Acute-Trauma Information Processing (A-TIP)

On-site consultation to departments to desensitize Responders after intense calls to reduce impact of long term trauma

Individual/Couples Consultation

In office or telehealth support for Responders as well as their families to improve mental wellness

EMDR Consultation 

Individual and group consultation for mental health professionals seeking certification and approved consultant in EMDR

Critical Incident Desensitization Protocol (CIDP) Training

Responder training to utilize crisis intervention desensitization protocols with peers

Trauma and Resiliency Training

On-site training for departments to provide their staff with an understanding of trauma, how to overcome barriers, and how to practice self-care.